The Flying Ewe

This weekend, my wife and I had the pleasure of visiting the Flying Ewe Farm, in northeast West Virginia. Nestled in the wooded hills of the Appalachian Plateau, it is the home of Don and Susan, good friends since the late 70s, and their three pooches. A day on the farm offered a chance to catch up with each other's lives and was a welcome escape from the suburban environment of our current daily existence.

In the course of our visit, which included a dip in Big Sandy Creek, a tour of the farm and a wonderful, home-cooked meal, it became clear why our 30 year friendship has persisted. The four of us share common philosophies when it comes to politics, religion and social issues and we are especially committed to conservation and to the environmental ethics of a "low impact" lifestyle.

The older we get, the more important friends and family become. They are the fabric that reinforces our humanity and the lens through which we view our world. My thanks to Don and Susan for a relaxing, enjoyable and inspiring visit to The Flying Ewe.