Thunder in December

While we usually associate thunderstorms with warm seasons and warm climates, they can occur at any time of year. In fact, snow thunderstorms are not at all uncommon.

As the recent winter storm pulled away to the northeast, a warm, southerly flow developed; yesterday, after a wet and chilly morning, the temperature rose through the day and, by late evening, we were in the mid fifties. The balmy flow continued through the night and, this morning, we awoke to sixty degrees in central Missouri; however, dark clouds on the western horizon foretold a coming change. A strong Alberta Clipper would soon end our December respite.

Sure enough, thunderstorms developed by 10 AM, dropping torrential rains; within two hours, the temperature had dropped from sixty to thirty-eight and strong, northwest winds made it seem even colder. Following a night in the fifties, tonight's low is forecast to be 23. That should bring us back to reality!