Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Political Taboo

As this political year continues to heat up, we will come to realize that Americans are willing to overlook many human frailties. A past history of divorce, marital infidelity, sexual indiscretions or substance abuse may not derail a candidate. Accusations of racism or sexism may be a news topic for a day or two but, in the end, will not have much effect. Open-minded Americans will consider the arguments of pacifists, war hawks, staunch capitalists, socialists, traditionalists and reformers. At least on the surface, race, gender and sexual orientation are not important factors.

But, in this free, educated, modern society, a candidate who is honest enough to profess his or her agnosticism will soon be out of the race. Americans are proud of their relationship with God. As many espouse, we are a Christian Nation.....God's Nation. His name is on our currency and in our law books. It adorns barns, front yards, bumpers and overpasses. It is invoked by ministers, athletes, criminals and politicians. To deny the Christian image of God is just plain Un-American!

America protects our freedom of religion but not our freedom from religion. We have not yet evolved to that point.