Stuck in Heaven

For the past week, high pressure, centered over the Upper Midwest, has kept mid Missouri in a heavenly weather pattern, with afternoon temperatures in the 70s (F) and overnight lows in the 50s. A gentle breeze, out of the east, has keep the air pleasantly cool and dry, creating ideal conditions for outdoor activities.

The emplaced high pressure has diverted Pacific fronts to the north and south of its dome and has kept hot, humid air well to our south. Not far to our south and west, heavy rains have fallen across southeastern Kansas, southern Missouri and northeastern Oklahoma, the consequence of a stationary front along that edge of the dome. Safely within its protective confines, we have enjoyed glorious autumn weather.

Of course, the high pressure ridge will eventually break down when a more potent Pacific system, energized by a jet stream trough, invades our region. Until then, we'll make the most of these mild, sunny days and clear, cool nights, the signature conditions of a Midwestern fall.