Sunday, May 9, 2010

Natural Peacemakers

Throughout human history, wars have raged across this globe, usually waged in the pursuit of territory or power. Fueled by testosterone and endowed with the physical traits for conflict, men have declared and fought the vast majority of these battles, expanding their natural roles of protector and provider.

Women, more inclined toward discussion and compromise, stayed in the background until very recently, concentrating on their nurturing duties as mothers and confidants. Their battles were fought at home, dealing with unruly children, molding the behavior of headstrong teens and appeasing their needy spouse. Mothers, now a growing force within political and corporate circles, have long been the glue that holds families and societies together.

Their invaluable contribution to our lives is celebrated on this day and humans would do well to elevate their stature in our increasingly fragmented civilization. Long devoted to the welfare of their children, mothers, as political leaders, would be less likely to instigate and support conflict. They are, indeed, natural peacemakers and, with women running our governments, the specter of war would soon vanish from the planet. Happy Mother's Day!