The Importance of Place

In this global economy, it is often necessary for individuals to move about as they climb the ladder of their chosen career.  In like manner, those in training must be willing to relocate in order to obtain the education that they seek.

Many will be successful regardless of their location, having committed themselves to tasks that will propel them toward their goals in life; on the other hand, such devotion is easier when one lives in an appealing and comfortable environment.  Of course, the nature of that environment varies widely among individuals; in some cases it is defined by the proximity of family and friends while, in others, it is determined by the availability of certain cultural or natural amenities.  We may be a city or country person, we may favor the mountains or the coast or we might enjoy a cold or a warm climate.  Some are enamored with rivers, others with deserts; some thrive on the congestion of cities while others seek the close-knit community of small towns.

In my opinion, place is vital to our happiness and sense of well being.  Since personal comfort is key to one's productivity, it follows that our environment plays a major role.  Some persons, focused more on titles or fame, may disagree, but most of us know that an attachment to place resides in our soul.