Tornado Season

Most of Missouri is under a tornado watch today.  As a Pacific storm approaches from the Southern Plains, it is pumping warm air and Gulf moisture into the Heartland, producing atmospheric instability. Combined with lift from the storm itself, these conditions are expected to ignite thunderstorms this afternoon which, interacting with a potent jet stream, may become tornadic.

While tornadoes may occur along the Gulf Coast region throughout much of the year, they are most common in the American Heartland from April through June; though it was a quiet March for tornadoes in the Deep South (primarily due to the extreme winter conditions), the season appears to be getting underway a bit early in the Midwest, where their incidence generally peaks in May.  Of course, an early outbreak has no implications for the rest of the spring but this winter's fickle jet stream may forebode an active season.

Short of severe weather, the mild, humid air is a refreshing change from the frigid incursions of the past few months and last night's rain has already accelerated the greening of lawns in our neighborhood.  The frenzy of spring is upon us and, unfortunately, some of its energy will be destructive.