Just Enough Snow

The latest cold front moved across Colorado two days ago, producing a mild upslope flow and cooling our afternoon high by 20 degrees; however, that airmass, moving in from the Northern Plains, was too dry to produce rain or snow.  By this morning, however, high pressure over the Southern Plains was sweeping moisture northwestward toward the Front Range; lifted by the terrain and by the cold upslope from the northeast, this moist air triggered snowfall, leaving 3-5 inches across Metro Denver by late afternoon.

The heavy, wet snow was just thick enough to coat the drab, winter landscape while not causing tree damage or significant travel problems.  Highlighting the barren limbs of our deciduous trees and adorning the green foliage of our pines and junipers, the snow was welcome for both its moisture and its beauty.

Of course, a coating of snow is good for birding as well, drawing more species to the feeders when natural seeds are temporarily out of reach.  It also brings more raptors to our farm, their prey more visible against the smooth blanket of white.  Sunshine and milder temperatures will return tomorrow and today's winter landscape will fade beneath a bright blue sky.