On the Storm's Cold Side

At our Littleton, Colorado, farm, the rain began to change to snow just after 7PM last evening.  A potent upslope flow on the backside (north and west) of the massive spring storm had dropped the air temperature into the mid 30s (F) and, over the next eight hours, five inches of heavy, wet snow accumulated on the grass and trees.

Fully leafed, the smaller trees and shrubs are bent toward the ground by their heavy white cargo while a few branches broke from the larger trees.  This morning, a winter wonderland envelops the farm and the temperature is hovering near 30 F.  Undaunted, the birds are singing as usual, sensing that May will soon re-emerge.

As the storm pushes northeastward, into Nebraska, the upslope flow is breaking down and the morning sun is peeking through the light gray overcast.  Snow showers should end by noon and the potent Colorado sun will bake away the winter glaze; we'll be back in the 70s by Tuesday.  Happy Mother's Day to all who qualify for that beloved title!