Sunday, July 19, 2015

Mid Summer Relief

After more than a week of hot, humid weather, a cold front has dropped into central Missouri.  Igniting thunderstorms early this morning, with periods of heavy rain, the front has brought welcome relief from the oppressive summer heat.  Currently stretching from central Colorado to the Upper Midwest, it may remain stationary, extending our mild, rainy weather, push further south to usher in cool, dry air or balloon back to the north, allowing hot, humid air to return from the south; the battle of high pressure domes to our north and south will determine the outcome.

Walking through campus this morning, it felt more like May than mid July.  The temperature was in the mid seventies (F) and an intermittent light drizzle and east breeze added to the cooling effect.  Heavy rains from the early morning storms had spread mud, mulch and tree debris across the campus walkways, providing a literal windfall for the resident birds and squirrels.

However long it may last, this mid summer respite is surely appreciated by humans and wildlife alike.  After all, invigorating autumn weather is still at least two months away and we'll need more of these cold fronts to draw us from our air-conditioned retreats.