The Rise of Inhumanity

Yesterday's tragic attacks in Paris underscore the rise of inhumanity across the globe.  Spawned by religious zealotry, sectarian hatred, racism, oppression and cultural self-righteousness, terrorism threatens our common rights of life and liberty.

While focused disruption of terror networks and oppressive dictatorships is essential to combating this scourge, large scale warfare will only feed the hatred and distrust that underlies the violence.  It is simplistic to think that we can destroy extremist philosophy through military action alone.  Rather, we as a species must address the factors that divide us, including long entrenched hatred and beliefs, and provide remedies through education, economic opportunity and political inclusion.

Until we respect one another as fellow human beings, endowed with personal rights and freedoms, violent attacks will, in the minds of those who commit them, seem justified.  Unfortunately, religious zealotry and nationalism have long defined our species and modern technology (including weaponry, electronic communication and global travel) facilitates the activity of terror networks.  But it is the rise of inhumanity within our civilization, whether directed at immigrants, refugees, other races or other cultures, that provides recruits and fuels the violence.