Indirectly South

Heading back to Longboat Key, Florida, over the next few days, we plan to stop in Cincinnati and along the South Carolina coast to see family members.  Our indirect route will take us across the Glaciated Plain of the Midwest, through the Bluegrass lowlands of northern Kentucky, across the Appalachian Plateau of Kentucky and West Virginia, into the Ridge and Valley Province and over the Blue Ridge of Virginia, down through the Piedmont of the Carolinas and then south through the Coastal Plain of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

This wide variety of landscape will make the journey especially interesting and, hopefully, offer a healthy diversity of wildlife sightings.  Overnight stops in Ohio and South Carolina will permit some local exploration and other stops may be triggered by opportunities (some anticipated and surely some unexpected) along the road.

Fortunately, since we will not be on a fixed schedule (one of many benefits that come with retirement), the journey itself will determine the date of our arrival; such is the nature of adventure!  Reports will unfold in the coming days.