Excusing Racism

It is both sad and deeply disturbing that most prominent Republicans continue to back the candidacy of Donald Trump despite his overt racism.  Suggesting that Trump, flawed as he may be, is a better choice than either the Democratic or Libertarian nominee, they are all-too-willing to excuse his racist remarks as missteps by an inexperienced politician.

Racism is not a misstep.  It cannot be explained away.  Rather, it reflects both Trump's deep-seated beliefs and his conviction that such remarks appeal to his white, uneducated base.  Continuing to support their bombastic, narcissistic nominee, the Republican Party is willing to condone racism in order to gain control of the Executive Branch; after all, that is what they need to shrink the Federal Government, curtail environmental regulations and place conservative-minded judges on the Supreme Court.

Hopefully, educated Americans will join minority groups across the country to derail the exploits of King Trump.  Despite his apparent willingness to commit political suicide, the Republican elite won't cast him aside; the "Party of Lincoln" is nominating a racist for President of the United States.