Poisoning Democracy

As a narcissist, Donald Trump cannot accept rejection.  Despite his brutish behavior and his rants against immigrants and globalization, he blames the media for his falling poll numbers and warns his admirers that a rigged system may cost him the election.

Having already instilled fear and anger is his constituents and encouraged violence as a potential tool, Trump threatens to dismantle our democracy by fomenting rebellion from within.  Unfortunately, his legions are comprised primarily of uneducated individuals who feel powerless in American society; rather than encouraging their political participation by laying out a reasonable approach to the problems that they face, Mr. Trump prefers agitation.

Such a choice poisons our democracy, implying that the majority of Americans have no control over their lives.  In reality, most of us reject Trump and his self-serving Tweets, knowing that we must send him back to "reality television" or suffer the consequences of having an unhinged racist as our Commander in Chief.  I have long been convinced that Trump does not truly want the responsibilities of being President but we cannot allow him to destroy our democracy in the course of his sham campaign.