Effective Opposition

When an Administration comes to power and threatens both human rights and the health of our environment, it triggers a strong reaction in those of us who are committed to those issues.  Solutions are sought and a wide range of actions are taken, some of which can be counterproductive.

While peaceful demonstrations are worthwhile, keeping the issues in the public's collective mind, they often have little effect on the President and his Administration.  More effective are our personal and financial support for legal and environmental organizations (e.g. the ACLU, the Sierra Club) that have the power to intervene, either slowing or derailing the progress of the Government.  Equally important is active support for the opposition Party and for journalists and news organizations that both expose and challenge the policies of the Administration.  Finally, supporting the input of business and community leaders, who may have some positive influence on both the Executive and Legislative Branches of Government, is essential; the role of engagement with those in power must not be dismissed or ridiculed.

However we choose to participate in the opposition, we must take action.  Waiting for the next election is not an option.  The attacks on human rights and on the environment degrade our society and threaten the welfare of our planet.