Saturday, January 27, 2018

Love & Compatibility II

As a followup to yesterdays post on Marriage, I thought I might express my thoughts on love and compatibility, which play into the theme of marital discord and divorce.  Romantic love, it seems to me, is nature's way of stoking relationships and assuring the procreation of our species.  Strongly tied to sexual attraction, its intensity fades as relationships mature but persists when relationships fail to develop (see The Power of Love Denied).

In the case of ongoing relationships (marriage included), love evolves from the initial intensity of romance to a more subdued "loving partnership."  Love, however, does not ensure compatibility and it is the lack of the latter that most often ends relationships (even as love persists).  Love, if true, does not die but we may conclude that we cannot live together.

This goes back to my thoughts on marriage, which is generally fueled by intense romantic love.  Before we heed nature's call and start to produce children, we best take the time to decide if we are truly compatible.  Otherwise, the pain of divorce must be endured by innocents as well.  See also Love & Compatibility.