Canadian Sunsets

As the sun sets behind the Colorado Front Range, lines and Vs of Canada geese take to the skies. Common across the urban corridor throughout the year, these large waterfowl are especially abundant from November to March, when the permanent residents are joined by their migrant cousins.

After feasting on natural grasslands, golf courses and the manicured lawns of parks and cemeteries throughout the day, the geese return to our lakes and reservoirs to spend the night. There, surrounded by water or ice, they are protected from the coyotes, fox and feral dogs that prowl the Piedmont; unless taken by surprise, Canada geese are large and aggressive enough to protect themselves from these predators.

Having lost favor due to their abundance and their habit of fouling our pristine lawns, Canada geese do not inspire the average citizen (or even the average birder); but one must admire their tenacity, their cooperative instincts and their powerful flight. Backed by the Rockies and the spectacular Front Range sunsets, their wildness and beauty are easy to appreciate.