Exorcism 2010

Born of fear and scientific ignorance, religions have retained significant influence thoughout the course of human history. Early man, facing the many threats of prehistoric life, developed beliefs and rituals which, over time, have morphed into the religions that we know today. Ingrained in childhood, reinforced by clergy, imposed by governments and maintained by social pressures, they continue to govern our lives.

Modern man tends to ridicule the "pagan" rituals of prehistoric "savages" while defending the mysticism that still pervades our culture. This week, Catholic bishops are convening in Baltimore to review and update the Church dogma related to exorcism, the ritualistic treatment of persons who are "possessed by demons." Despite the advances and revelations of modern neuroscience, the bishops cannot relinquish their conviction that mental illness may be induced by evil spirits!

While some are amused by this exorcism conference, many of us see it as another sign that the talons of religious indoctrination still grip human society. We are embarrassed for our species and view Exorcism 2010 as an insult to human intelligence.