The Benefits of Aging

Aging has its disadvantages. Our physical strength and stamina tend to deteriorate, we are more prone to a variety of illnesses and, for some, our mental faculties begin to fail. When we reach middle age, we begin to notice the early signs of aging and, combined with the other stressors of that period, this observation can induce a sense of resignation and cause some to give up on the joys of life.

But those who remain active, both physically and mentally, come to realize that there are also benefits of growing older. For most of us, the responsibilities of our career and our family life begin to disipate and we have more time to engage in exercise, hobbies and other personal interests. Those endowed with creativity are especially rewarded by this age-induced freedom; indeed, history is replete with famous writers, painters, photographers and other artisans who took up their passion later in life and, possessing the experience and wisdom of advanced age, were especially productive and successful.

Whether or not you possess such talents, the decision to engage in new activities will likely benefit your physical and mental health. The process of learning a new skill exercises the brain and the body, enhancing mental function, improving coordination and inducing a sense of personal satisfaction, all of which make us less prone to illness and injury. Death is surely inevitable but growing old can have its rewards.