Mourning Dove Sit-In

Faced with snow-covered ground and an invasion of Arctic air, mourning doves have gathered in our large magnolia over the past two days; since this tree is on the south side of our house, it is protected from the cold north wind and receives plenty of sun, even in the winter.

Like many bird species, mourning doves form large, sociable flocks during the colder months but, unlike the others, these mellow birds assemble with little fanfare. Were it not for their distinctive forms, huddled in groups on the bare branches, one could easily overlook them. Content to watch their high strung neighbors as they squabble over the nearby feeder, the doves sit patiently, basking in the sun and waiting to partake of seed that falls to the ground. If not spooked by a sharp-shinned hawk, they may sit there all afternoon, heads on chests, oblivious to the winter chill.

Their peaceful sit-ins are a welcome sight during this trying season; the tranquility is infectious and their calm, polite demeanor is especially reassuring in the midst of our holiday frenzy. The doves remind us to stop and enjoy the moment; life is too short to be rushing through its fickle course.