A Royal Diversion

There's nothing like a royal wedding to divert attention from the many problems facing mankind. As wars rage on, economies crumble, ecosytems deteriorate and countless children go hungry, celebrities from across the globe have descended on London to take part in an outrageously expensive celebration.

We humans, after all, are raised to believe in fairy tales. Myths of all kind cloud our innocent minds and, as adults, we escape to their comfort when the stress of life is overwhelming. Too often, we condone and even foster those myths, willing to bestow special privileges on a small class of human gods.

Many defend these cultural traditions but some of us deplore the practice of granting wealth and power as a birthright while untold millions face an impoverished life at the edge of survival. Hopefully, humans will soon evolve beyond the social customs of the Dark Ages and the resources of our civilization will be directed toward those who deserve our assistance.