Unplanned Parenthood

It appears that the Republicans in Congress are willing to shut down the Government to prevent public funding of Planned Parenthood. Apparently, these politically astute, God-fearing, church-going, flag-waving politicians favor unplanned parenthood. One wonders how many of them have adopted unwanted children.

Contrary to the self-righteous claims of pro-lifers, no woman wants to have an abortion; indeed, too many women who do not have the emotional constitution or financial means to support children try to become pregnant. The focus must shift to preventing pregnancy; educational programs and the widespread availability of contraceptives (including the morning after pill), while long opposed by conservative religious groups, are the keys to eliminating abortion. Adoption, hailed as the honorable alternative to abortion, is frought with emotional turmoil for all involved.

Conservative Republicans are quick to demonstrate their piety and to defend religious freedom; unfortunately, they fail to protect our freedom from religion. Personal faith has no place in the legislation of public policy.