Monsoon Reprieve

After more than a week of hot, dry weather, monsoon rains swept across the Front Range over the past two days and, last evening, our Littleton farm received its due.  Torrential rain, accompanied by light hail and spectacular lightening, arrived about 5:30 PM and lasted for more than an hour.

Our parched "lawns" and pastures should green up quickly as sunny, warm weather resumes, complemented by cool, late summer evenings.  While the monsoon pattern will soon shut down, milder conditions generally follow in September, when the first snows dust the higher peaks and the annual aspen display begins to unfold.

Indeed, once the heat and monsoon rains of August have dissipated, the Front Range urban corridor enjoys its best weather of the year.  Though snow showers may arrive in September, they generally hold off until October, when autumn colors adorn the Piedmont under crisp, blue skies.  Yesterday's rain will hopefully mark the turning point from the intense heat of summer to the invigorating splendor of fall.