The Nature of Success

While virtually all humans hope to be successful, our definition of success varies widely.  Most of us focus on achieving a mix of personal goals, generally placing emphasis on a rewarding career, happiness in our personal relationships and a sense of having made a contribution to human society.

Of course, some focus on titles, hoping to become renowned within their community, their profession or across the globe.  Celebrity is important for some while wealth and personal comfort defines success for others.  Many humans relate success to having influenced or bettered the lives of others while some are more concerned with meeting their personal needs and expectations.  For the devout, success is defined solely by earning their rewards in the afterlife.

Regardless of how we define success, it must come from within.  Though others might set goals for us or express opinions on the choices that we have made or should make, personal satisfaction will only be achieved if we are governed by our own passions.  In the course of doing so, we accept the advice of those we respect and learn to ignore the reactions of those who strive to derail our plans.  If, at the end of our life, we are both happy and satisfied with our accomplishments, we have been successful, whether or not we have acquired titles, accumulated wealth and achieved fame.