Friday, February 20, 2015

Closet Agnostics

It seems to me that any intelligent human with even a modest science education would dismiss the simple stories and beliefs of organized religions.  Yet, most are unwilling to do so (at least in public).

Public piety trumps intellectual honesty in most cases, especially for those in public office.  Admittedly, in today's world, it is political suicide to admit to one's agnosticism.  So too is it difficult for leaders of industry, chairmen of foundations, presidents of universities or CEOs of businesses to be open about their lack of belief, lest the public boycott their products and services or boot them from office.  Of course, deep-seated fear and guilt, instilled in childhood, also plays a role.

Would it not be best if the leaders of this world placed emphasis on kindness, fairness and charity without paying homage to organizations that divide us and promote intolerance?  Unfortunately, these intelligent and well-educated individuals will likely stay in the closet, where they're safe from public scrutiny and where their jobs are not at risk.