Lessons from Groundhog Day

While I have never been enamored with the spectacle of Groundhog Day, an annual rite giving credence to the forecasting ability of a hibernating rodent, the movie based on that silly tradition has a lot to say about human nature.  Indeed, it is one of the few movies that I enjoy watching repeatedly, thereby taking part in the central narrative of the film.

The main character of the movie, a weatherman played by Bill Murray, is forced to relive Groundhog Day until he comes to understand (and correct) the personal traits that impair his relationship with other humans.  During this humorous saga, we observe his gradual transition from a pompous egomaniac to a generous and kind-hearted soul who is finally capable of love.

Throughout our own lives, we come to know ourselves through the eyes and words of others.  Our willingness to accept that input (whether positive or negative) determines the rate of our maturation and, in the end, the success of our relationships.  While the ritual of Groundhog Day might be seen as a benign tradition or a worrisome symbol of human mythology, the film, in my opinion, teaches all who watch it (repeatedly if necessary).