Colorado Spring Breaks

Contrary to the image in the minds of Americans from other States and, perhaps, the citizens of other countries, Front Range cities are not enveloped in snow and ice for most of the year; indeed, periods of warm, sunny weather generally develop during every month.  Then again, measurable snowfall may occur from September to June; only July and August are reliably free of snow.

The general spring warm-up usually begins by late February and continues into mid summer along the Front Range urban corridor.  However, this seasonal process is often interrupted by upslope snowstorms, especially in March and April; in fact, March is, on average, the snowiest month for the Front Range cities.

The latest spring disruption began last evening as a cold front dropped across the Rockies and an upslope flow developed, dropping the temperature from the mid 60s (F) to the low 40s within a few hours.  This morning, steady snow is falling across Metro Denver, coating the colorful blossoms and green lawns and producing a wintry landscape where sunshine and summer-like warmth had ruled for the past few weeks.  While these spring breaks can be frustrating for Front Range gardeners, the vital moisture is more than welcome.