The War on Diplomacy

Now that a framework for the Nuclear Deal with Iran has been released, militarists on all sides have condemned it; in their minds, enemies are meant to be annihilated, not respected.  The fact their their own countries have a history of supporting dictators and occupying other nations does not seem to cross their minds.  No doubt, some will stop to condemn the peace plan as they leave Easter services today.

Of course, we humans have a long history of settling our differences with regional conflicts or broader warfare.  Though we are the only species to have both the cerebral and laryngeal traits to communicate effectively, we have preferred spears, guns and bombs.  Our evolutionary survival has depended as much on military power as it has on creativity and cooperation.

By now, one would think that we would be tired of the cycle of warfare, with its needless suffering and ruthless carnage.  Unfortunately, our divisive tribalism and religious zealotry foster hatred and distrust, derailing efforts to compromise and pursue diplomacy.  Such blind ignorance will persist as long as testosterone-fueled warlords are granted power by the masses.