Fathers & Sons

Today, Americans celebrate Fathers Day, honoring those who have stayed involved in the care and nurturing of their children.  While it is yet another Hallmark Holiday, associated with a host of commercialized events and special retail offers, it highlights the fact that fathers are an endangered member of the family in some segments of society.  Indeed, as occurs in many animal species, some human fathers are nothing more than sperm donors, playing a transient role in the lives of their offspring.

Many factors account for the dwindling role of fathers in modern society.  A growing acceptance of divorce, even when not triggered by domestic violence, is a leading factor and the choice of single motherhood, spawned by career-oriented women is an increasing trend.  Of course, teenage pregnancy and a culture of unwed motherhood continue to plague some segments of human society.

Unfortunately, this trend, however natural it may be (see Marriage: an Unnatural Union), continues to produce negative consequences.  Boys need involved fathers.  Without their love and guidance, the testosterone fueled behavior of young males often leads to crime, violence and the procreation of other unwanted and unloved children.  We cannot solve these social ills by building more prisons; what we need are more involved fathers.