The Republican Circus

As the number of Republican Presidential Candidates approaches the census of many American towns, it seems appropriate to look at their agendas.  In general, these Conservative politicians appear to fall into three main groups.

The first, known as Social Conservatives, are determined to protect the rights of white, American-born, Christian, heterosexual men; of course, they are also committed to the rights of the unborn and un-conceived as well.  The second group, which I would call Militarists, endorse peace through intimidation; preferring to direct all Federal funds to the Pentagon, they plan to foster American democracy across the globe by annihilating those who resist or oppose it.  Finally, Fiscal Conservatives are determined to improve the lives of the middle class by revoking Obamacare (and other forms of socialism), rolling back environmental regulations, granting tax breaks to corporations and opposing efforts to raise the minimum wage (which, they stress, would eliminate jobs for lower income Americans).

As this three-ring circus continues to expand, some Candidates will likely claim membership in more than one group.  Let's hope they all get plenty of air time, ensuring the election of a Democratic or Independent President in 2016.