Jackson on the Rocks

Last evening, my daughter Sarah treated me to a Jackson Browne concert at Red Rocks Park, in the foothills west of Denver.  The Park's famous amphitheater, set between towering slabs of Pennsylvanian sandstone (300 million years old), offers both excellent acoustics and a spectacular view of Metro Denver.

Mother Nature was not overly cooperative early in the evening, as a chilly breeze and light drizzle moved in from the west.  But the April-like weather soon drifted off to the east and the lights of the city were temporarily obscured by the spreading mist; later still, thunderstorms developed above the distant Eastern Plains, adding nature's light show to the one on stage.

Meanwhile, back at the amphitheater,  Jackson and his group served up a mix of old and new songs; fortunately, two of my favorites (These Days and Fountain of Sorrow) were included.  Browne's poetic lyrics, laced with liberal philosophy and political activism, have long been a source of inspiration for myself and many fellow "Boomers."  As one might expect, the scent of pot drifted across the amphitheater at times, adding to the nostalgic effects of Jackson's songs.  Great music in a beautiful natural setting is hard to beat!  My sincere thanks to Sarah for a wonderful evening.