September Preview

Yesterday was a gem of a day in central Missouri.  A cold front passed through our region during the early morning hours and, as I walked through campus just after dawn, a soft north breeze had pushed the hot, hazy summer off to the south.

Birdsong was noticeably more vibrant while the cicada chorus, not fueled by tropical air, was less intense.  Black walnuts are beginning to litter the lawns, the purple berries of pokeweed adorn their plastic pink stems and goldenrod has made its appearance at our local nature preserve.  One can almost hear the marching band and smell the tailgate grills.

While the pleasant September preview persists today, it won't last long.  Thick, humid air will soon return to the Heartland and oppressive heat will once again sap our energy.  But, almost two months after the summer solstice, the tide has turned.  Glorious autumn is just around the bend.