Music People

Almost all humans enjoy music of some kind.  After all, it is the universal language of our species.

Some of us, however, might be described as "music people."  We appreciate a variety of genres and prefer to have background music for most of our activities, including reading and studying; indeed, I have I-tunes playing as I write this post.  Granted the convenience of modern technology, we are able to enjoy music without the interruption of commercials or chatty DJs (and without changing the record or CD every half hour).

For most of us, music is relaxing, inspiring and, for those of a certain age, nostalgic.  Some prefer songs with lyrics, words that speak to our joys and sorrows.  Others lean toward instrumentals, stirred by the melody and its rhythm, whether classical, jazz, rock or some other genre.  While many think of music as just a form of entertainment, a diversion from the trials and responsibilities of life, music people accept it as a vital part of life; indeed, it is one of humanity's few gifts to the planet, partial compensation for the damage that we inflict.