Religious Celebrity

Here in America, celebrity is obtained through various channels.  Many do so as entertainers, some as athletes and others as politicians.  Popes and bishops have long received celebrity status and, these days, public martyrs are joining the list.

Over the past week, a county clerk in Kentucky, though married multiple times herself, has become a public saint by denying marriage rights to gay partners.  Despite the recent ruling by the Supreme Court, sanctioning such rights throughout the country, this devout Christian clerk has proclaimed that, in light of her deep faith, she cannot respect that decision.  Rather than resign, she went to jail for contempt of court and has since been released.

Sensing a political opportunity, two Republican presidential candidates appeared on the scene, honored to be seen with this latest religious celebrity.  Never mind the fact that her faith-based decision denied rights to another group of Americans.  After all, religion is all about intolerance and discrimination.  Freedom of religion is their cause; to hell with freedom from religion!