Give Me Reality

In this modern era, in which we communicate and conduct business in cyberspace, travel on GPS screens and visit exotic locations in the palm of our hand, we are advised that virtual reality (VR) will be the next great advance in human culture.

While I can foresee that VR might play an important role in the training of police, soldiers, pilots or surgeons and while the experience of using it might be akin to the thrill of amusement rides (minus the long lines and muscle shirts), I fail to see its benefit to human society as a whole.

We seem to be moving away from the joy of real life experiences, whether they be interpersonal relationships or interactions with the natural world.  Content with impersonal texts and on-screen entertainment, we seem to be losing our need for the very experiences that make us human.  As one who still prefers to engage with all forms of life, give me reality!