Human Imagination

Endowed with a large brain, we humans have long been governed by our imagination, for better and for worse.  Early man, exploring his environment, imagined powerful beings that ruled the forces of nature; such mysticism, ingrained in our species, has surfaced as religious faith in modern society.

On the other hand, imagination also propelled humans across the globe and fed the major cultural revolutions: domestication and cultivation, industrialization and the advance of science and technology; in effect, it has taken us from the Stone Age to the Space Age.  Of course, it has also spawned artistic expression (art, music, dance, film and literature) and athletic competition throughout human history.

Indeed, our imagination is a double-edged sword, fueling both science and mysticism, incompatible elements of human culture.  Whether we put our faith in the scientific method or allow mysticism to derail its influence will determine the future of our species and the health of our planet.