Curiosity, Truth and Human Evolution

We humans are curious creatures.  Indeed, if we were not, our species might have become extinct long ago.

It was curiosity that drew early humans out of Africa, enticing them north through the Sahara Desert and eastward along (and possibly across) the Red Sea.  Curiosity about the plants and animals in their environment eventually led to cultivation and domestication, a development that fostered permanent settlements, linked by trade routes.

Over time, we learned to utilize metals, design machines, explore the seas and study the night sky.  Curious about the structure and function of living organisms, we discovered the nature of life itself, setting us on a course toward modern medicine and biotechnology.  Of course, each step in our enlightenment challenged ingrained beliefs and assumptions, a tension that persists today.  In the end, our curiosity about the Universe will prevail, mysticism will fade and our search for truth will guide the future evolution of our species.