Trump's Quest

As he campaigns to be King of America, Donald Trump, like ISIS, utilizes fear, hatred and ridicule to establish his influence and power.  While he claims to "love" individuals of all races and cultures, his devoted legions are primarily white, poorly-educated isolationists who distrust blacks, Latinos, Muslims, foreign immigrants and, of course, politicians.

Short on specifics, Trump plans to wall-off Mexicans, ban Muslims, curtail global trade and arm Americans.  Those who question his "policies" are denounced as stupid or naive and his bombastic comments are designed to stoke fear, anger and hatred in the American populace.

It seems that Mr. Trump does not truly want to be President of the United States, a powerful position but one that requires diplomacy, compromise, cooperation and overwhelming responsibility.  He'd rather continue to campaign, espousing self-righteous rhetoric, expanding his celebrity and amassing  even greater wealth through speaking fees.  To imagine that Americans would actually elect him to represent our country is more than disturbing.