Labels, Partisanship & Freedom

To date, candidates in the Presidential primaries seem to be more focused on labels than on policies.  Quick to question one another's conservatism or liberalism, they are playing to the extreme elements of their parties, favoring partisanship rather than independence.

We humans, tribal by nature, have long been enamored with labels, using them to declare our allegiance to certain groups; nationalism, political party affiliation and church membership are among the most common social labels in modern society.  Of course, such partisanship is one of the most divisive forces as well, fomenting discrimination and intolerance and derailing efforts to cooperate.

In the end, our personal freedoms are threatened by partisanship, potentially placing us at the mercy of extreme elements within society.  Admitting one's commitment to moderation and compromise may be political suicide in American political primaries but a willingness to discard labels and partisanship offers the only hope for our dysfunctional government.