The Fruits of Obstructionism

Throughout President Obama's two terms, the Republican Congress has made every effort to block funding for his projects, deny consideration of his proposals and repeal programs that he has established; cooperation and compromise have been viewed as shameful traits among their ranks.  As a result, the Affordable Care Act was launched without their participation, revision of our immigration policies has been placed on hold, infrastructure improvements have been delayed, efforts to address global warming and social injustice have been ridiculed and military conflict continues without a declaration of war.  Most recently, the Republican leadership has indicated that they will refuse to consider any Supreme Court Justice nominated by Obama.

Smug about thwarting the President's programs, an achievement tinged with racism, the Republican Party is now reaping the fruits of their obstructionism.  Having instilled anger and mistrust among their legions, they have fueled the candidacy of Donald Trump, who appeals to an angry populace by promising isolationism, intolerance and, from all indications, a crass style of leadership.  Their primary weapons for derailing Trump are a religious zealot who is disliked by most of his colleagues and an inexperienced young Senator who has yet to win a primary race.

In the end, their eight years of obstructionism may hand the Presidency back to the Democrats and the process will begin all over again.  The do-nothing Congress will embark on another course of criticism and inaction.