Prelude to Storms

As the storm system that brought rain and mountain snows to California dips southeastward, a deep atmospheric trough and upper level low are developing across the Western U.S.  Ahead of this system, warm, moist air is moving northward from the Gulf of Mexico, priming the Southern Plains and lower Mississippi Valley for thunderstorms and flooding rains.

Here in Missouri, we expect an afternoon high of 70 degrees F under cloudy skies.  Thunderstorms are forecast to arrive overnight though severe weather will likely remain to our south; indeed, a tornado watch has been posted for much of Texas and States to its north and east.

In addition to the severe weather, copious rainfall is expected in the south-central U.S. over the next few days as the upper level low stalls over Texas, directing a plume of Gulf moisture and imbedded thunderstorms across the region.  Up to a foot of rain is forecast for Louisiana and Arkansas before the system breaks down and moves off to the east.  Flood season is certainly progressing with a vengeance.