The Damp Chill of March

Here in the Midwest, the crisp, dry air of autumn is welcome after a long, hot summer and we take the frigid blasts of winter in stride, relishing the beautiful, snowy landscapes that they often produce.  But the damp chill of March, contrasting with periods of mild, spring weather, is perhaps the least appealing weather of the year.

Children of the Tropics, we humans love warm, sunny weather and welcome the rains of late spring and summer.  And we adapt well to invasions of cold, dry air, layering on clothes or retreating to our heated shelters.  But the cold rain and icy mist of early spring cut to the bone, discouraging outdoor activity.

Of course, it's our impatience for the colors, fragrance and mild conditions of late spring that most taints our image of March and its fickle weather.  Those of us who enjoy the waterfowl migrations of early spring more easily tolerate this sloppy period with its flooded landscapes and swollen streams; others take solace in March Madness, an entertaining escape from the outdoor gloom.  Like it or not, the gauntlet of March has begun; time to get out those waterproof parkas and boots!