EPA Chief ignores Climate Science

Scott Pruitt, the former Attorney General of oil-rich Oklahoma (see A Seismic Shift in Oklahoma), was confirmed as Chief of the Environmental Protection Agency in the Trump Administration.  Long a climate change denier, Mr. Pruitt declared again this week that human-produced carbon dioxide has not been convincingly linked to global warming.

Toeing the Party line, Pruitt sides with the fossil fuel industry, casting doubt on the overwhelming scientific evidence that links global warming with human activity; this from the man who is charged with protecting our environment!  Like many Conservative Republicans, dedicated more to corporate profits and religious zealotry than to human rights and the welfare of our natural environment, Mr. Pruitt likely abhors science which attacks his agenda with evidence-based facts.

When threatened by the power of science, one declares that our information is incomplete; the EPA Chief says that more studies are needed.  In other words, he'll delay any meaningful action as long as he remains in charge.  After all, 97% of climate scientists might be wrong!