Warfare trumps Human Care

The Trump Administration rolled out its first budget proposal this week, indicating its intention to significantly increase the bloated Defense Budget; this at a time when the U.S. already spends more on defense than the next seven countries combined.  Determined to keep their promise to protect America, the money will go toward jet fighters, weapon systems, immigration curtailment and, of course, The Wall.

To balance this increase, Trump and his cohorts propose cutting funds to a wide range of social support systems, many of which service the population that put him in office; these include Planned Parenthood, mental health programs, Public Broadcasting, legal services for the poor, international aid, biomedical research, environmental protection, climate change abatement, job retraining programs and a host of community-based service projects.  Of course, the proposed Republican Healthcare Bill will save money as well, eliminating coverage for 24 million individuals over the next few years (according to the Congressional Budget Office).

There is little if any evidence that increased Defense spending will make us safer.  On the other hand, Trump's hostile relationship with immigrants and with the leaders of many foreign countries may serve to fuel the risk of terrorism or outright warfare.  One wonders why Trump and his Administration would place so much emphasis on defending our country from foreign threats while degrading human rights, social welfare and American culture from within.