A Tribute to Mom

My mother died today after a long, steady decline.  Having raised eight children and nurtured twenty-one grandchildren, she also came to know six great grandsons.  She was a mom's mom who loved children and we are all better for her devotion.

I, of course, owe my existence to her desire for children and I never had reason to doubt her commitment to my welfare.  Though she was religious, mom was a kind and tolerant person and, though her interests focused primarily on her family, she was a wise mentor and one of the best listeners I have ever known.  In my 66 years on this planet, she was always there when I needed her support and advice.

The world would be a better place if more parents shared my mother's warmth and compassion.  My grief is tempered by a lifetime of fond memories but I will miss her always.  Thanks, mom; I will do my best to reflect the gifts you bestowed.