Loud People

Sitting at the Tampa airport this morning, awaiting our flight. we have already moved once due to a pair of chatty young women discussing their Facebook entries.  Now we are listening to another couple, commiserating about their health problems, preferred beauty products and plans for the week.

Loud women seem to prefer broadcasting news about their relationships, medical issues and life struggles while loud men want to impress us all with their business activities, sports knowledge or investment expertise.  In either case, the individuals are oblivious of their obnoxious behavior or crave the attention that their pontifications elicit.

We humans are social creatures and generally need a willing foil with whom to share our ideas and problems.  But those who consciously or subconsciously broadcast their personal thoughts to an unwilling public either have self-control issues or need the attention to fuel their self esteem.  No doubt, their disrespectful banter is learned behavior in many cases (who can forget the Loud Family on Saturday Night Live) and complaints from others will likely have only a temporary effect, if any.  As one who appreciates solitude more than most, I hope readers will excuse this spontaneous rant; if nothing else, it's a harmless diversion from the disastrous coronation in Washington, D.C.