Trump Slams Environmentalism

Meeting with auto executives this morning, President Trump declared that "environmentalism is out of control."  Claiming to be an environmentalist himself (of course he is), our supreme leader wants to bring industrial plants back to the U.S. and promises less regulation for those who comply with his policy.

One wonders what environmental regulations he plans to shave.  How much air and water pollution is he willing to accept?  How many species can we safely annihilate?  Just the small ones?  And what about carbon emissions?  Is he right that global warming is a hoax, floated by the Chinese?  Should we switch back to coal-powered plants and steam locomotives to restore mining jobs?  Can heavy crude from Canada's decimated tar sands provide the salvation we need?

In his simple-minded world, cutting regulations and lowering taxes will "Make America Great Again." Unfortunately, as our planet and its complex ecosystems deteriorate, human health will decline as well and, given his zeal to slash medical programs, the ravages of pollution and climate change will rapidly take their toll.