Preparing to Change Seasons

Tomorrow, my wife and I will return to our condo on Longboat Key, Florida, for the first time in a year.  Coming on the heels of a significant winter storm, the journey will be especially welome.

While I would never want to live in the Subtropics on a permanent basis, an escape to mild, balmy air is appealing (if not therapeutic) in the midst of a northern winter.  After all, we humans evolved in the Tropics and our deep-seated attraction to warm weather and sunshine is impossible to deny.

So I'll leave the boots, gloves and heavy coat in Colorado and fill my carry-on bag with T-shirts, shorts and sandals.  Bidding adieu to the winter songbirds and waterfowl, I'll look forward to encountering ibis, spoonbills, shorebirds, ospreys and frigatebirds, among others.  Of course, as always, I'll document my experience in this Blog!