Tuesday, March 27, 2018

A Midwest March

Since arriving in Missouri a week ago, the weather has been a mix of chilly air, low clouds, fog and intermittent rain.  A band of thunderstorms passed through the region yesterday morning and a few fleeting moments of sunshine reassured us that pleasant days will eventually return.

This week has reminded me of my childhood in Cincinnati, when March was a period of endurance before the true spring of April and May; it was perhaps my least favorite month, a gauntlet of gray skies and cold rain.  Later, as I began to appreciate the value of this bleak, sloppy weather, my tolerance has improved (somewhat) and, festooned with rain gear and boots, I visit March wetlands to witness the annual tide of migrant waterfowl.

While March is usually the snowiest month along the Colorado Front Range, a subject of ridicule by many who favor the greenery of the Midwest, I'll gladly endure those upslope snowstorms, intermingled as they are with bright sunshine and periods of dry, mild weather.  To each his own, they say, and I'll take a Colorado March, even with its regular dose of spring snow.