Tuesday, March 13, 2018

An Owl Duet

The great horned owl that has been serenading our Littleton farm for the past two weeks appears to have attracted a partner.  Last night, about 3 AM, a duet of hoots and other vocalizations echoed from the top of a large honeylocust next to the house; two hours later, the owls either stopped calling or flew off.

It is a bit late in the season for great horned owl romance but the prospect of having a nesting pair on the farm is exciting.  There's certainly plenty of prey here (cottontails, mice, voles and even skunks) though the large trees may be too exposed for owl nesting.

I'll certainly watch for any signs of owl domesticity and report developments should they occur.  We have had red fox and coyotes den on the property and a mule deer raised her fawn here one year.  To have an owl family grace the farm would be a welcome first.